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Aqua Bath

PRODUCTS: ADA, barrier free and residential acrylic showers and tubs.

Aqua Bath is the perfect solution to a common problem. As we grow older, things change. Things that were easy are not so easy; things we never thought about we now think about and even worry about. Think about the bathtub – not as easy to get in and out as it once was, but it can be again.
Aqua Bath has developed a shower that is designed to replace your old bathtub, a shower with a low threshold for easy access, a seat for comfortable bathing, side controls for ease of operation, a fitted curtain for water retention, a three-piece surround system that makes installation easy, and a look that will enhance your bathroom. Now we are back to easy.


PRODUCTS: Approved Security Fixtures.

With more than 80 years experience in the steel fabrication industry, Britex is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most innovative designers and fabricators of stainless steel products, commercial grade plumbing fixtures and architectural fittings. Many of our world-first product design innovations are today commonplace amongst stainless steel fixtures available around the world. Sales and technical staff are true specialists in stainless steel and offer a wealth of experience to specifiers and facility managers in designing and selecting stainless fixtures that are best suited to each and every individual project. From the basic stainless steel toilet pan, urinal or basin to the more complex engineered custom made product specifically designed for your facility.
Britex began in Melbourne, Australia in 1938 as a pioneer in the pressing of one-piece stainless steel sink bodies. Today Britex has facilities throughout Australia and offices in a number of countries across the globe including USA, China, Singapore and representation in the Middle East, Hong Kong and New Zealand.


PRODUCTS: Sensor faucets, flush valves and showers.

Since its inception in 1985, Hydrotek has devoted its resources to develop and manufacture sensor-operated, automatic faucets and flush valves. All of Hydrotek's faucets and flush valve models are available in either AC powered or battery operated versions. Hydrotek's products incorporate its own uniquely designed and patented electronics, mixing mechanism, chemical-resistant rubber seals and slow closing solenoid valves. These innovative features have enabled Hydrotek to become an industry leader today. Hydrotek products have received approvals from many countries including: ANSI/ASME and ASSE (USA), CSA (Canada). Because of Hydrotek's strong desire and commitment to provide customers with the highest quality products, they constantly upgrade and improve the performance and reliability of their products.. Hydrotek is ISO 9001 certified to ensure that their customer satisfaction is at the highest level and that Hydrotek will continue to be a leader in the industry and serve the needs of their customers.


PRODUCTS: Stainless steel drainage products.

Kusel Equipment line of stainless steel drainage products is a requirement anywhere sanitation, durability and accessibility are concerns. Food manufacturing or processing plants, warehousing, pharmaceutical and beverage plants and warehouses all require stainless steel drainage products. From area drains to trench drains, clean-outs to p-traps Kusel Equipment has the standard or custom products to not only meet your requirement but also "EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS."

Precision Plumbing Products

PRODUCTS: Fluid hammers arrestors, and trap priming stations.

It has been PPP policy through three and one half decades of providing plumbing specialty products to control the manufacturing and assembly processes, therefore insuring their customer will receive the best quality possible. Precision Plumbing has successfully expanded its market share through maintaining consistency in product quality, marketing policy and on-time delivery.


PRODUCTS: Grease, oil, sand, lint and multi purpose separators.

A Rockford Separator is designed for exceptionally high efficiency in retaining a wide variety of insoluble wastes. Maximum water travel with minimized turbulence through the filtering action of its screens prevents evacuation into drainage systems which may cause blocking, stoppages and backups.
The Rockford Separator family includes 30 series with over 200 sizes of standard cataloged units. They also specialized in custom engineered and built units for site specific applications and installations where ever separation systems are required: restaurants, schools and colleges, health centers, military installations, industrial plants, office buildings, multi-unit apartments, food processing plants, along with retail and service establishments.
With separation as their sole business they have supplied quality separation systems to the plumbing industry for over 40 years.